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Avantis4E is a free zone company registered and based in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, in Dubai, U.A.E. and is governed by the rules of the DMCCA



Avantis4E – In Business since 2009

Avantis4E started operations early 2009 in Dubai and has since assisted companies, institutions and banks with 1) Organizational restructuring, 2) Change and Improvement Advice and Programs and 3) with Training and Coaching services to significantly improve the performance of their business processes and their staff.

Our diverse backgrounds and international management roles in Banking, Energy Finance, Oil & Gas Exploration and the Pharma Industry have been instrumental in designing an innovative and unique approach to business process optimization in these sectors. With our proprietary Diagnostic and Expert Models© we provide our clients with a transparent analysis and tools what can be improved in a cost effective and practical way.

We are passionate about understanding what makes our clients unique and to develop customized solutions that achieve immediate and sustainable results because we make sure that whatever we do fits our clients’ organisational model and more importantly their culture.


Our Principals


AMD passphotoAnthony M Dols MSc. is principal of Avantis4E and his business experience spans more than 34 years in industry and financial services around the world. Frontline sales and operational roles in different parts of organisations have given him unique insights in how business processes and practices can be optimized from a strategic, operational and financial point of view.

He is passionate about helping organisations and people understand how they can improve the way they work and achieve the better and even excellent results with their business activities. LEAN principles are guiding in his practice seeking to cut waste in business processes and driving efficiency and creativity by developing simple but comprehensive methods that help people to perform their complex tasks more efficient and with more enjoyment.


2014-05-07 11 06 47Danielle M Dols Pharm D. has joined the company in October 2013 as Pharma and Training Expert after more than 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry. She worked at leading companies (Astra Zeneca and Genzyme) with responsibility  for Clinical Research, Medical Affairs, Marketing & Sales, Corporate Communications, Quality Control and Training & Development.

She is passionate about understanding how human behavior affects performance and to help organisations and people with advice and training programs on understanding EQ and developing Emotional Intelligence. She is certified as EQ Coach / Trainer of the Six Seconds Model.


Our Advisory Council

Avantis4E is on a strategic level supported by an Advisory Council consisting of seasoned professionals. The Advisors bring us in depth knowledge and unique experience derived in top management roles in many different countries and cultural environments in Banking, HR, Advisory and Education.  Their advice is highly valued by Avantis4E’s management striving to meet ambitious targets for growth and excellence in its chosen business areas.

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Our Local and International Specialist Partners

Avantis4E has alliances with a number of seasoned local and international professionals and firms to provide specialist input when needed.

When we coordinate a multi- disciplinary improvement program for our clients we carefully select and propose our partners and ensure delivery in a consistent and high quality manner.


Our Core Values in delivering our Services

Professionalism: Our credibility is derived from engaging and providing services at the highest possible standards

Integrity: We are committed to consistency in all our actions, methods and principles

Eco-consciousness: In everything we do we strive to take full consideration of the environment and limit negative impact of our actions

Trustworthiness: We understand that trust needs to be earned by doing what we say we will and delivering what we promised.