Emotional Intelligence as a driver of Performance

brainEmotional Intelligence is nowadays recognised as key requirement for success

Success has in the past been linked to criteria like character, personality, experience, skills and IQ.

In the complex world of today where relationships are more important than ever it is equally important that a person can ‘ tune in to the environment, read situations and connect to other people’s emotions, and is well aware of him or herself’. These qualities of people can be defined as Emotional Intelligence.

In other words: a person’s Cognitive and Emotional resources are more pertinent to be successful in today’s dynamic and connected world.

ei-plus-iq-is-successBusiness Performance and Emotional Intelligence are intrinsically linked

In our performance improvement practice we have recognised that Emotional Intelligence plays a very important role in improving performance of people. So we spend time in our Business Improvement Training Programs how one’s own emotions can be recognised and controlled, and how emotions of customers can be read and addressed in a manner that builds rather than destroys relationships.