Business Improvement Specialists

We can help you to define and implement improvements @ your business so it can grow and scale up profitable and sustainable…..

Selection of problems and the way we have  helped clients:

1) You have successfully started up your company but now your life is a hell because you have to do and check everything!!

* We will help you to identify what you need to change to scale up your business and get your life back.

* We will help you implement changes in the way you operate so you can start delegating work with confidence.

2) Your company has ‘lost’ its market leading position and your profitability is suffering!

  • * We will help you to identify what you need to do to re-build your position as a market leader and how to improve your margins and your profitability.

3) Your clients are just not understanding the value you are delivering and/or are not willing to pay the ‘right’ price for your products or services

* We will help you (re)-discover your value-add and how that fits with your clients value-chain and how to sell-to-value.

* We will help you identify what markets and clients are best suited to your business and develop your practice to market these.

* We will provide coaching and/or training for your sales staff to learn how to maximise value to your clients and your business.

Typical clients we like to work with:

Entrepreneurs that have been successful in building a franchise but now face real problems in continuing their dream…

Big organisations that want an external fresh view + unbiassed advice, and support in developing their teams and staff acquire new competencies..

We have acted for our clients in roles such as : Advisors, Interim Managers, Training Specialists and Coaches 

We deliver our services discretely and our business culture respects 4 Key Values:

Professionalism We always strive to use latest knowledge and best in class expertise

Integrity We are upfront always and “do not play games”

Eco conscious In all our actions we strive for sustainable environments and results

Trustworthiness Our word is our bond so when we promise something we will deliver