Sales Excellence can be learned!

Learning Sales Excellence by applying our Expert Sales System in a customised way.

pursuit-of-excellenceExcellence doesn’t come by chance. It is hard work, it needs a plan and a solid structure, and it desires dedication of the entire organisation and everyone who is part of it…………… If you are really serious about sales and service excellence we are ready to help you.

Drawing on our own extensive international experience as Sales Executives and as Managers of sales teams in several organisations in different countries and cultures, we first analyse carefully your internal systems, processes, procedures, tools and your people.

For our analysis we have developed a Sales Performance Diagnostic Tool © that helps us to find performance hurdles in your company quickly. We then provide you with insights and proposals what you could improve to achieve excellence in the current very competitive market place.

Our improvement proposals focus on the how and the what of changes, for instance to your CRM processes and tools, or how to upgrade your staff’s critical competencies to deliver Sales Excellence and Service Excellence.

Recent research has proven that top sales people are able to combine their IQ (rational side) with their EQ (emotional side) so they are not only provide the best solutions to customers but can also read each situation and customer feelings better to do and talk the “Right-Thing at the Right-Time.

With our Expert System we support and improve the key tasks of successful Sales Persons

Our Expert (BEST) System is simple yet comprehensive and provides Sales and Client Facing staff with a clear guide and more importantly with a real competitive edge to be the best with:

(1) Finding Sales Opportunities = Detecting Client Problems……….. with our Client Intelligence Diagnostics Matrix Tool,

(2) Adding Real Customer Values = Developing Winning Solutions…. with our Bundled Product & Services Matrix Tool,

(3) Have Successful Sales Meetings = Persuasive Client Pitches………with our Consultative Sales & Collaborative Negotiations System.


Simple 2

Simplicity is the way to make your staff understand really well how our BEST System works and how to apply it.

Learning and applying our Expert System will help sales staff to achieve faster, better and more consistent results that grow your sales in a sustainable manner.

A client CEO recently told us: “Using your sales process structure, our staff remind themselves what to do and it also helps them to plan and monitor their own work results better and work with more discipline”

theory-and-practiceWe focus with our advice and training services on your tactical or ‘Do-level’ and help you and your team “Do-Better” faster!

Our clients use us to implement projects that are defined on a strategic level but simply lack the staff or skills that we have with more than 30 years of front line and hands-on experience in Sales & Marketing.

We are not just academics but have done ‘it’ ourselves in very competitive markets so we can provide real and engaging examples what will work.

Experiental learning has proven to deliver more learning retention and change of behaviours than just following text book knowledge. So our programs contain many exercises that make your people think and discover in an active manner new ways to work better and excell in the market place.


Illustration with a team on puzzle pieces.We work closely with your staff – They implement what they have learned in a structured way and how to continuously improve

By engaging your staff actively in the improvement project implementation you will achieve the indispensable ‘buy-in’ that will provide lasting results which quick fixes and top down improvement tracks fail to deliver.

A major benefit is that staff will learn by doing new approaches in a controlled fashion and that reduces the risk of losses due to wrong implementation in a live environment under intense market pressure!