Quick overview of our services

What we are really good at using 37+ years of international business experience for your benefit:


1. Advice on scaling your businessinterim-mgt-1

Are you in a crisis mode most of the days that you are trying to expand your dream company?.

Is it difficult for you to delegate and let other people help you to grow the business?.

We have hands-on expertise in assisting companies and organisations with implementing Change and Improvement Projects that allows the founders to concentrate business aspects they really like while putting their companies on fast track growth.

Using a very practical and project approach we help companies to implement successfully strategic change projects from the ground-up…..CALL US IF YOU NEED HELP FOR A FREE OF CHARGE TALK!


2. Advice on Sales and Marketing Strategy & Tacticsstrategytactics1

Have markets changed on you and are you suffering from declining sales margins? Are you exposed to severe competition and have difficulty in differentiating your product and services? Are you not getting the response from your marketing activities?

As veterans in Sales & Marketing we help companies to analyse in a methodical way what improvements to your strategy and tactics would lead to better results. We have helped companies to develop and implement new systems and tools to make their marketing organisation more effective……. CAN WE HELP YOU TOO – SEND US AN EMAIL ?!


3. Bespoke Learning & Development Training Programmeslearning-by-doing

Are standard L&D training programmes not bringing you real and lasting improvements?  Let us analyse your situation and design a bespoke training programme that really engages your staff and allows them to convert new skills in to bottom-line results fast…………..EMAIL or CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!

Using our vast experience in Investment Banking, Oil & Gas and Pharma sectors we know what it takes to get staff to really adopt new behaviors and skills. After we have researched and understand your unique situation, we adapt our methodologies to fit what your people are doing now and provide practical tools and practice new skills in our very interactive training programmes. Your staff will ‘love’ it and therefore learn fast by doing….


specialist-advice4. Specialist ‘Technical’  Advice

Do you have a question, problem or issue that is related to Energy Economics or Finance, Structured Finance of Oil & Gas projects, Clinical Pharma Research, Pharma Sales or Pharma Economics?

As specialists in these areas we could help you to refine the issues yo have and find solutions that are practical to implement! …….CALL US TO DISCUSS YOUR ISSUE IN CONFIDENTIALITY!